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RJ Millworkers employs every resource available to get the job done right the first time. Today's technology changes rapidly and RJ Millworkers is committed to staying at the cutting edge. The Weeke Vantage 200 CNC is the premiere machine on the shop floor. CNC Machining enables the craftsmen to produce assembly materials at high volumes with surgical precision. Our design room communicates through cut-planning software to the CNC machines ensuring unparalleled exactness and the most efficient use of material. CNC machining virtually eliminates design restrictions, scaling issues, and waste footprints in the environment.

Another example of the RJ Millworkers commitment to excellence is through a "best of breed" philosophy. Randy makes certain that his team is working with the BEST traditional & automated tool technology available. German engineered Martin industrial tools are revered around the world as being the flagship in mill working equipment. RJ Millworkers was one of the first shops to implement the "Martin T73 CNC" on American soil. The shop is furnished with a number of various machines built for precision mill work by the worlds premier manufacturers.


The Weeke "BANDER" CNC, Buffering "Wide Belt" CNC, and the Martin Planer are some of the many production instruments that help propel our capability to the front of industry. These machines allow the craftsmen to prepare materials for finish and assembly with consistent quality. Our technologies give project management the ability to develop manufacturing processes that ensure a repeatable product for clients that expect an exactly to spec product every time. 





Our Traditional and advanced production technologies are aimed at delivering an “old world” attention to detail and dedicated client service that can accommodate the scale of today’s contemporary businesses.

Our people are the most important tool we have at RJ Millworkers. Randy & Ellen Morley have painstakingly built this company with a people first vision. Each craftsmen is carefully selected by Randy, Ellen and Chief of Projects John Gonzalez. The production teams are dynamic well oiled machines built with generations of experience, classical & contemporary training, and glued together with commitment to the craft. There is nothing our team can not achieve.

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