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Our Environment

We all share the responsibility of nurturing the natural world around us. As a manufacturer and a steward for wildlife conservation and sustainable forestry, RJ Millworkers takes every action available to ensure safety to the environment. Technologies at the finish room have been installed to clean the air of VOC emissions, and EPA approved waste management processes and material handling procedures are closely monitored to ensure all measures are taken for the protection of our environment. 

- the world is in our hands... how are your hands helping?


Effective environmental policies start with planning. Each project is mapped for minimal material waste and energy consumption. All capital usage data is tracked and analyzed to expose opportunities for reducing our footprint.


Growth is defined as "the process of growing through progressive development". At RJ Millworkers the only constant is change with environmental consciousness. Environmental policies are designed to grow with the company to ensure that processes and procedures accommodate production increases.

RJ Millworkers is committed to promoting and encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests because of the benefit for all people, workers, stakeholders, and indigenous populations. Our responsibility and activism extends far beyond the shop through passion and understanding for our stewardship in protection and preservation of the Ecological needs of present and future generations.

RJ Millworkers has extensive experience ushering projects through LEED certification. Whether your project is certified or platinum we can answer your call for points. Our programs can help you discover the hidden “green” in your project. We will work with you and your design team to realize the maximum potential your project has for environmental consciousness. 

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