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 In keeping with the RJ Millworkers tradition of “only the best”, our design and engineering department is outfitted with the latest technology for communicating an artists vision to the shop floor. We spare no expense when it comes to the right tool for the job. Some of the most talented Architects in the world depend on RJ Millworkers to translate their vision to common language and generate mapping for the build. Following an accepted proposal detailed renderings are submitted to our engineers. RJ Millworkers then renders shop drawings and submits them back to the architect for red lines. This revision process continues until acceptance and then we get to work. Our engineers build your project with Parametric software giving them the flexibility to design without regard to dimension. Mathematical and logical expressions define dimension producing a Bill Of Material (BOM), optimized material nesting, machine programming, hardware lists and material tracking.


At RJ Millworkers each project is the shared responsibility of everyone in the RJ family. From start to finish your project is allocated a team of decorated project managers operating under the direction from Chief of Projects John Gonzalez and Our Owner CEO Randy Morley. Randy is the final quality assurance for your production. From the proposal to the product nothing leaves the facility until Randy sees the perfection that you expect for your vision. Meticulous coordination of every step is vital to ensure the project is monitored and accessible in every phase. Projects are never "handed off" so that the same manager is always with you and your production. The resources available to production managers and builder teams at RJ Millworkers allow for a smooth, accessible, and efficient relationship no matter the size of the project. RJ Millworkers views each client equally, none more important than another.

Estimating is regarded around the industry as an art form. To accurately envision the detail of an architectural installation and render a cost take-off is a precision craft. It takes years of experience to fine tune the estimating process and that is exactly what RJ Millworkers has. Owner Randy Morley and Chief of Projects John Gonzalez oversee all estimating at RJ Millworkers to ensure a ballistic accuracy when costing jobs. The client and manufacturer alike share the burden of under or over bidding. RJ Millworkers draws on 25 years of producing fine mill work to eliminate those burdens with accurate and professional proposals that include a detailed work scope and specific notes so the client knows exactly what we are providing without surprises. 


Engineering & Design
Project Management

We have over 25,000 square feet of manufacturing facility located in the heart of the northeast. We are geared for the fusion of old world and highly automated fabrication outfitted with the latest in Computer Numerically Controlled machinery. Highly skilled artists, working with hand tools to produce one-of-a-kind pieces mixed with state-of-the-art technology making us truly a one stop shop. Click here to learn more about our Manufacturing Plant.



RJ Millworkers has its own fleet of delivery vehicles to service clientele in the metropolitan northeast. For large scale retail and commercial projects and for projects across the country,

RJ Millworkers has partnerships with national moving professionals that ensure the product is handled with delicate care. Each unit is individually wrapped and padded insulating the delivery from potential damaged so that we can be confident it arrives in the same condition it left in. Each unit is labeled corresponding to floor plans and the full set of shop drawings and assembly details provided with each delivery. 


RJ Millworkers has a crew of decorated finish carpenters specializing in fine mill work installation. These aren’t the average bear found at Home Depot. For installations we must operate with the same precision and meticulous attention to detail employed during manufacturing. The job site is a much different platform than the shop floor and requires a carpenter that is experienced in both construction platforms. The best of breed is what we provide at every position and we make sure the right tool for the job is always used. Whether in an A-list celebrity home or a Commercial Retail project we make sure the craftsmen that best fits the scope of work is with the project. Our contractors are professional, courteous, and respectful of privacy and know what it takes to be among-st other trades on site.


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