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Redefining Finish


RJ Millworkers is pioneering new frontiers of finishing. From “icy” incredibly durable high gloss finishes for luxury retail fixtures and "grand piano" finishes on exotic woods from all over the world, to the primitive time matching techniques used on the reclaimed woods of our past, RJ Millworkers is redefining finish. Custom stain matching and varnish pigmentation for top coats of catalyzed varnish, polyurethane, and lacquer are processes that have been perfected in the RJ Finish Shop.               

                                                                                                  ~We decline to accept the impossible~ 

Our Luxury Brand Clientele demands a peerless product that can stand the constant contact of consumerism and that matches the grade of workmanship found in their products. Companies such as COACH® stage their products atop an RJ Millworkers snow white high gloss finish developed specifically for showcasing their high quality leather goods. Beauty and brilliance cannot be sacrificed for strength and durability. That is why RJ Millworkers brings these facets together encasing the beauty beneath an armor that can withstand the tests of time.

Retail Finishes

The Residence is our sanctuary, a place where the world slows and the mind can rest. The environments we dwell in can be illustrations of who we are and present an individual’s unique pallet for style, art and form. The materials, shapes and textures a design is comprised of create its form, the finish of the installation or piece provides its beauty and function.

RJ Millworkers works with clients to achieve highly specialized results empowering designers and homeowners to reach beyond convention. 

Fine Living Finishes

Endless possibilities are drawn from the sum of a designer’s vision and the RJ Millworkers finishing capability. Subtle adjustments to the color, the clear and the technique create one-of-a-kind finishes for a client’s project. The science behind a finished surface uses a vast mixture of technology, tooling and an artist’s touch. RJ Millworkers has every imaginable technology available to create architectural masterpieces. Any wish for finish a client may present is possible. From deep oiled hand rubbed finishes and mirrored piano finishes with automotive paint to match a clients favorite ride, to rustic and antiquated simulation on reclaimed woods, the full spectrum of finishing is available to our clients. Our 2 finish buildings are outfitted with state of the art spray booths, CNC surface manipulation technologies, blasting & burning technologies and studio laboratories for experimentation. Any color imaginable is available for the client to choose from and the finish process is carefully cataloged and kept forever to ensure a repeatable result at anytime. We can produce any texture on any surface.  

Custom & Experimental Finishes

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